Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave book #2) by Rick Yancey

The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2)
Title: The Infinite Sea
                                                                 Author: Rick Yancey
                                                                 Published: September 16th 2014 by, Putnam Juvenile 
                                                                 Series: The 5th Wave book #2
                                                                 Genre: Dystopian, YA
                                                                 Stars: 3.5/5

How do you rid the Earth of seven billion humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.

Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible. Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the fundamental trust that binds us together is gone. As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others’ ultimate goal: the extermination of the human race.

Cassie and her friends haven’t seen the depths to which the Others will sink, nor have the Others seen the heights to which humanity will rise, in the ultimate battle between life and death, hope and despair, love and hate.

Well this was a disappointment.

Not sure where to start from so I’ll just go into my usual description about the characters. It’s the same characters as the first book including a new alien called Grace. However, unlike the first book, (click here to read the review of that) you don’t really get the chance to develop feelings for them. There’s no character development and it just seems like a bunch of teenagers in an abandoned household for the majority of the book, looking for a way out. There’s no sympathy for them.

In terms of the plot line it was quite dry to be honest. Again, a huge part of the book was with the characters being in an abandoned household with snipers or aliens on their trail. One thing that this book cleared up thankfully was whose chapter was whose. It wasn’t as confusing as the first book and you knew whose perspective it was from.

However, there wasn’t really anything substantial or interesting that was happening in this book. We didn’t get far in knowing how the characters could potential defeat the aliens. I guess Rick is leaving all that for the last book. 

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