Review Policy

If any publishers or authors are interested in having their book reviewed and promoted, then please click on the Contact Me page.

I am quite open in the types of books I read and I accept both hardback and paperback copies and ebooks.

I can read a book within two weeks (unless requested otherwise) and I normally post the review as soon as I finished the book.

Review content:
What I mostly love to discuss on is the use of the characters. I write how the character is presented in the books, how they are developed throughout the book and whether or not they were authentic or not. Of course, the plot is also important, which I tend to review next. Within this part, I look at how well the story moved from one part to the other, which part had a gripping storyline, fast pace action and/or those parts that hit the right emotional senses that makes me fall in love with a book. If the book is also part of a series, I look at how well each plot flows from the previous books. Furthermore, I look at the writing technique that the author uses, such as the use of linguistic devices that helps the descriptive part of the story. Lastly, I tend to write notable quotes or passages from the actual book that I personally liked and thought it was memorable (I do write which chapter that particular quote or passage it from).

Review posts:
After reviewing your novel/book, I will post a review on this blog, as well as the following:
  Twitter  or Goodreads (links for which can be on my Contact Me page). But I will also be happy to post the review anywhere else where you would want me to.

Interviews/Promotion: If you would also like me to post an interview with you on my page alongside my review feel free to mention that when you contact me. Also, any promotional materials that you would like me to promote again please let me know when contacting me. It would be my pleasure!  

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