Sunday, 18 September 2011

First Blog Entry

Starting my first blog today. Yeah! Soooo as my life can be pretty boring, lets see how this turns out and if this beats writing a journal. 
Met up with friends today in a coffee shop, that I must admit somewhat replicates the coffee shop in ‘Friends’. Anyway could be the last time till I see my besties, until Christmas, since we are all going of to university. AWWW! 
So enough about my day today, since my blog is called ‘Bookathonfreak’, I’m going to try to review or tell you what book I am reading for that week. It will be kind of my speciality. Alright this week I have been reading ‘Starcrossed’ by‘Josephine Angelini’ and it is absolutely awesome. It is what ‘Twilight’ could have been. Urgh, I will never get those minutes from reading ‘Twilight’ and the other books ever again. What a waste. Anyway, ‘Starcrossed’ is about these two people, Lucas and Helen, who are decendants of Greek gods and who play a part in the story of Helen of Troy. However, they are cursed from an ancient event, that will not allow them to belong together. Instead they must kill each other in order to bring peace to civilisation.
I haven’t finished the book yet and when I do, more news will be posted. 

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