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The Tower (Deck of Lies book #2) by Jade Varden

The Tower (Deck of Lies, #2) Title: The Tower
                                                       Author: Jade Varden
                                                       Pages: ebook
                                                       Published: April 2012, by Jade Varden
                                                       Series: Deck of Lies book 2
                                                       Genre: Indie, mystery, suspense
                                                       Stars: 4/5

Death brings some families closer, but it’s ripped mine apart. I wanted to convince the police that they had the wrong suspect...but I never expected them to start suspecting me. Now, I have no choice but to keep searching for the truth, even if all my relationships fall to pieces around me.

Someone is trying to make me look guilty. I never thought my mission to prove my own innocence would lead me to more family secrets. I thought I had already discovered the truth about myself. But every answer raises more questions, and everything I think I know is about to change...again.

I have to find the truth, no matter how much it hurts -- before I get charged with murder.

I’m going to try to make this review spoiler free for those of you who haven’t read the first book. See the review for the first book here.

After having the privilege of being contacted by the author to review the first book and LOVING IT, I just HAD to go out and get the second book.

In this book, Rain is trying to adjust to her new ‘glamorous’ life, but she is still trying to learn who she really is. But an unexpected murder and the potential killer keep her at the centre of attention. She obviously doesn’t know all the truth about herself, her family and others around her and she might not have the stomach to uncover what’s more to come.

Oh my gosh! Jade Varden HAS to be one of the best indie writers and yes guys she blew me away again with her second book in the Deck of Lies series!
Brace yourself for a whole lot more of twists and turns, secrets that I would never have guessed be unravelled and poor Rain, whose life has become even more complicated.

I would just like to say that it must have taken a lot of planning for this whole series since it all meshed together. There are a lot of dark corners, but once it’s out in the open you automatically think, ‘ah so that’s why’ or ‘ah, that makes sense’. This book was so good, even better, and then the first book with a LOT more aspects to deliver.

My opinion on the characters from the first book has not changed. I found myself liking Rain even more, especially with her true identity coming out. However, Owen was starting to really creep my out and there was something off Sawyer, which I just couldn’t put my finger on.

In terms of the plot, boy oh boy. Well I can’t really delve much into the plot without giving a lot of spoilers away, but just brace yourself for a jaw dropping storyline. Not once did I find myself dozing off or getting bored. But it was the ENDING! Oh my gosh! Jade, why do you have to do this to us? The ending made me tingle with anticipation to know which out the two characters the killer is! But of course, it had to leave us on a cliff hanger. Arghhh!

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