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Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms book #2) by Morgan Rhodes

Rebel Spring (Falling Kingdoms, #2) Title: Rebel Spring
                                                                   Author: Morgan Rhodes
                                                                   Published: December 3rd 2013, by Razorbill
                                                                   Series: Falling Kingdoms book #2
                                                                   Genre: Fantasy, YA
                                                                   Stars: 4/5

Love, power, and magic collide with war in the second book of the Falling Kingdoms series

Auranos has fallen and the three kingdoms—Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia—are now united as one country called Mytica. But still, magic beckons, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the world...

When the evil King Gaius announces that a road is to be built into the Forbidden Mountains, formally linking all of Mytica together, he sets off a chain of events that will forever change the face of this land, forcing Cleo the dethroned princess, Magnus the reluctant heir, Lucia the haunted sorceress, and Jonas the desperate rebel to take steps they never could have imagined.


One word: AMAZING!! Oh and can we just take a minute to gush over the book’s cover! I mean I adored the first book’s cover but I’m in love with this one!

Normally, I’m a bit apprehensive reading any sequel to such a great book but Rebel Spring does it justice.
All the same feelings I had whilst reading The Falling Kingdoms’ came rushing back whilst reading ‘Rebel Spring’, especially in the love department.  Click here to read my review on the first book. I mean come onnn, did anyone ever think that Cleo and Magnus might be a thing? Okay, I admit I had a tiny suspicion in the first book since both are of royal blood of enemy lands and they just despised each other (and we all know whenever a pair can’t stand each that normally leads to a relationship blooming). But I was sure she was going to get with Jonas.....although it’s not actually clarified that Cleo and Magnus are together, together.....but you know where I’m going with this.

Okay, my all time favourite character in this book is still Cleo. She’s such a brave character despite everything that has happened with her. Although there are numerous times when she felt like giving up, she always got back on her feet and continued with her agenda. I like her, I like her a lot.

Now, I hated Magnus in the first book (mostly it’s to do with his disgusting obsession over his sister ((adopted)), Lucia). However, in this book you see Magnus in a very different light. HE HAS A HEART! 
Yes and before you go thinking, no, it’s not made out of ice! Result. There are numerous times when he stopped his father from killing someone in cold blood and to reconsider his punishment. Although, he still has an agenda in this book that will ultimately get him closer to his sister (he thinks), he’s character has slightly grown on me....and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Jonas, ahhhh Jonas. The gorgeous sun-kissed rebel. I just adore him, no matter how stubborn he can get, I just do. Whilst he does try to get his little group of rebels rallied up, they don’t succeed on several occasions. Buttt, this all better change in the third book which I think Jonas is going to play a very big part in. Perhaps become Paelsia’s new chief leader???

I don’t really have anything to say about Lucia, only that’s she’s become slightly evil by the use of her corrupted power and that she’s fallen in love with a Watcher, Alexius (I told you so!). I suspect in the third book, she’s either going to turn into a Watcher to be with him or Alexius is going to come to earth and become human to be with her. Either way, they’re going to end up with each other whilst he helps to restore the balance on earth and in the Sanctuary.

New characters were also interested, such as a new love interest for Jonas. Although their personalities were okay, I didn’t really care much about them.

Just like in Game of Thrones, characters also die....very suddenly and those who you thought were going to live until the end of the book. I need to remind myself not to get so surprised with these deaths and to never get attached to a character... except the four main characters.

All in all, I loved this book. There were some twists and turns and some unexpected news and is going to make the third book a much anticipated book to read!

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