Saturday, 24 August 2013

Confessions of a London Graduate

Recently I've decided to write a little short story. I've always loved writing short stories since I was small and entered many short story competitions. This little short story is called 'Confessions of a London Graduate'. I don't know if I'm going to keep this up (I'm extremely busy with other things) or how long this short story is going to be for. Really, I don't even have a 'proper' plan for this story. I'll just be writing whatever comes to me and whatever direction seems best fitted. It's all just a bit of run but if its quite popular with my followers I'll keep it up!

A short blurb of the story (knowing a little bit what the story is about is always a plus!):

'What seems like a spur of the moment decision, Cassandra got up and moved all the way to New York from London to escape her boyfriend and to start a fresh start with her new job in journalism. She comes across with even more troubles, trials and romance in the shape of two men.'

Saturday 24th August 2013
Okay, erm, where on earth do I start?
Oh gosh, deciding to create an online diary entry about my next chapter in life, moving countries and actually, techincally speaking, starting adulthood in the world of work was one thing but figuring out what to write on here is another thing. I'm literally typing whatever comes to my mind.....but hey that is the point with diaries inluding all grammar and spelling mistakes. Why does doing this sort of thing look good on TV such as MTV's Awkward or Sex and the City. They make it seem so easy, but then again they have plenty going on in their life. Me on the other hand, yeah not so much.
Okay, I guess I should start off about me. I'm a 25 graduate student from London. I've received my degree in Media  and Journalism and I decided to move countries to New York (The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps....yeah you get my point) in search for a new path, a new chapter and a new fresh environment to work. I'm currently living with one of my close friends from College in Queens waiting to start my work in Manhatten's TV and News company on Monday. Being nervous does not begin to explain how I'm feeling right now. 
Work was one of the main reason why I left London. After graduated I had a pretty crappy job. I was a sort-called 'assistant' for one of the managers for ITV. But really that meant nothing (I presume that job title on my CV was maybe one of the reasons for why I received the job in New York). Really, my actual job title should have been Coffee girl/Starbuck barrister. My job didn't involve anything with journalism and I never managed to write a piece of article myself. All I did was deliver tea and coffee to the other workers. Like seriously?! The only good thing that came out of it was that it paid for my rent. I knew I couldn't stay there forever. It was a soul crushing job! In between I was applying for many other jobs and the New York one was the only job that seemed to call out to me. 
But here comes the little part that made my decision to go to New York final: my ex boyfriend.....
Cutting the long story short, I come home one day to find my boyfriend of 7 years Jack, in bed with one of my good friends (yeah not so good anymore)! No excuses, no words, I just packed my things (or what I could pack at that time) and go to my mum's....whilst crying my eyes out the whole way. Not to sound like a baby, but I just didn't 'get' London anymore. Nothing was going according to my 4 year plan after graduation and finding my boyfriend shacking up with my closest friend was just the icing on my cake. I had to get out!
The next day (after seeing the ton's of messages and hearing the many voicemails from Jack) I received an email from Manhatten's TV and News company offering me an interview though Skype. The days approaching the interview, I began packing for New York. Regardless if I get the job or not, I wanted to move away and start a new, preferably not in London. Interview day came, bish bash bob, I was successful, gave my notice at my old job, said my goodbyes to my parents and my 18 year old sister and left to leave for New York and towards Amanda's (my now flat mate) flat. It was all pretty much a blur and to be honest a rush. I didn't really give it time to think and I only applied  for a job in New York just for the sake of it. At that time I didn't even want to move cities, let alone countries. But the job offer could not have come at a better time. 
Well, I'm here now and there's no going back. Let's just hope something good and interesting comes out of this otherwise this diary entry will be pretty much boring.......

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