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Death (Deck of Lies book #3) by Jade Varden

Death (Deck of Lies, #3) Title: Death
                                                           Author: Jade Varden
                                                           Pages: ebook
                                                           Published: July 1st 2012
                                                           Series: Deck of Lies book #3
                                                           Genre: YA, Mystery, Romance
                                                            Stars: 4/5 stars

All In

I never wanted to get in this deep, but I did go looking for the truth before I was prepared to handle it. But how do you close the lid on Pandora’s box? You can’t unlearn something, or forget a dark secret once it’s been revealed. 

I have no choice but to do my part to bury the truth again -- this time, someplace no one will ever be able to find it. But that’s the problem with lies. Once you start pulling threads, everything unravels. 

No one is who they seem to be...not even me.

Okay, because the killer was revealed within the first few pages, I thought there wouldn’t be much of a storyline to this book after that, since the big secret had been given away. BUT OH NO! The revelation of the killer doesn’t bring a sense of resolution but opens even more doors to more questions as another twist had been unleashed.
I think Rain actually matured in this book. She thought more about things in this book rather than jumping to conclusions as she did previously.  She became more independent and learned that she can only trust herself and her friend/crush River. I actually loved every single character. They are all fundamental to the book (well obviously) and I even love how every one of them has their own terrible secret that has either to do with Laurel’s death and Rain’s past. They have a really messed up family and on more than one occasion I had to stop and mentally see how everyone was connected to each other.
Poor Rain! How many secrets and revelations does this girl need to face?! And SAWYER and his secret! Arghh whyyyyyy!!!

Everything gets more complicated in this book and Rain’s past and family tree becomes even more dysfunctional and twisted.....but I LOVED IT! It was like a story book version of ‘Desperate Housewives’’ or a very tense soap drama filled with dirty family secrets.  

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