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Deconstructing Infatuation by Merce Cardus

Deconstructing INFATUATIONTitle: Deconstructing Infatuation  
Author: Merce Cardus
                                                     Published: CreateSpace 
                                                     Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
                                                     Ratings: 3/5

Sometimes, whether you're single or with a significant one, 
somebody appears in your life unexpectedly. 
We feel the need to know who this person is, 
the need to know exactly who this person is.

A story may offer different interpretations, even with several irreconcilable and contradictory meanings. As in Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta's story in Dante's Divine Comedy, this story is not about unfaithfulness either. This story is about infatuation: what burns inside of oneself when we let ourselves fall madly for someone.

This book was given to me by Merce Cardus in return for an honest review.  It is a book told from Helen’s point of view. The book begins with her room mate; Marleen having to go out of town for a month, so she needs someone to rent her bedroom until she comes back. A lot of people view the room, but they end up taking an Italian man named Tiziano as Helen’s new roommate.

I liked Helen’s character at the beginning. She seemed up tight and a clean freak at first however, it was once she starts her short lived romance with the new roommate; Tiziano that my opinion of her diminished.  She becomes a carefree person, not particularly caring for anything except the need to be with Tiziano. I particularly didn’t like that transition of Helen’s personality. I understand it was a short book and hence why the author needed to fit in the transition as quickly as possible, but that’s just it, it was too quick!  I wanted to smack Helen for jumping straight into the deep end. She decided to make some pretty wrong decision just based on her fling with her new roommate....I mean talk about not having a back bone!  

But on the other hand, I understand why she thought this fling would become something more and hence made these decisions thinking it was for the best. She was clearly infatuated with this new man, who rocked her life (albeit for a short while) and introduced her to new things.

The book is very short indeed, more like a novella. I did get confusing at times with what Helen was doing or where she was going. Moreover, because the book was so short, it felt that the characters did not really develop properly, as stated before with Helen’s character. The dialogues between the characters seemed to be also undeveloped and fake. It lacked the drawing-the-readers kind of feeling.

Despite this, I did find myself enjoying the book and could see this actually happening in real life (a contrast to the romance in YA books where every young girl wishes it was real). However, the ending came as a surprise to me. It seemed like it was a random abrupt ending. Nevertheless, I will recommend this book to anyone who likes a short, faced paced love story. 

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